Lets Shoot 360

Let's Shoot 360

360 Degree photo and video is the new and exciting way to take photos and videos.

What is 360 you ask? 360-degree videos, also known as immersive videos, are video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time, shot using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras. This gives the viewer control of the viewing direction during playback.

Immersive video is a relatively new but exciting field to be in. Allowing a viewer to be placed in a particular scene at any time they wish.This is a way to bring vacations to those far away, or to give a tour to a customer looking a property. 

No longer are the creations of google street-like tours available to only those with large pocket books. 360 cameras are now available and more affordable than ever! Starting at around $100 dollars these cameras will enable you to take your friends, family and maybe a customer on a trip they’ll never forget.

Evan McCabe December 2018